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Hi everyone I'm back! I doubt many people will see this journal since I just made a new account yesterday but oh well. I know this is a little late but I'm still doing it!

SFC15 was a good season. It had a good story with fun dynamic characters. The constant atmosphere of fear and paranoia added a lot to the season and it's vibe. I wouldn't call it one of my top seasons but it was a solid addition to the lineup. 

Ranking time!

Bullet; Red 20. Ky (5th place) Bullet; Red 

First of all, I guess this shouldn't really be a strike against his character but Ky made the comments this season absolutely unreadable. The way chimchar and his buddies reacted to Ky was literally the exact same way he responded to Artemis, except instead of flame wars a lot of people just joined in the cult of Ky. The smackjeeves comments in particular were just a constant circlejerk over him with chimchar leading the pack, it was awful.

Even aside from that, Ky's annoying and I really don't like him. He either has some mental handicap or he's a godamn two year old. People like to compare him to Gatemaster, but Gatemaster was just a goofy guy who didn't care about the game, he was still able to like...hold actual conversations. Even Johnny from SFC8 was just a ditz, and it was implied that he's a good doctor outside of it. Ky acted like a toddler the entire time. I don't think he had one legitimate conversation with anyone or even have a confessional without bursting into his play or songs or whatever. Gatemaster and Marius had an actual friendship as equals, Taro/Ky was Taro "protecting" Ky and treating him like a child. The way everyone else also acted like he was some fragile angel who need their protection was also creepy. There's a reason why they don't let toddlers play Survivor. 

I feel like he was supposed to be funny, but outside of a couple semi-funny scenes there weren't even that many jokes. It was just this person with the mentality of a three year old doing toddler stuff while everyone, especially Taro, fawned over him and the comments all worshiped him. It was creepy. I guess I should give him some credit that he got some backstory but that just added to the "Ky is an innocent angel getting bullied by a demon WE NEED TO PROTECT HIM." Ugh. If he had more relevance/screentime I might call him a season ruiner, but as it stands he was annoying and creepy and detracted from the season for me.

Bullet; Red 19. Cha'Telle (20th place) Bullet; Red 
Not for the reason you think! Cha'Telle was a pretty generic OTTN early boot, but the way he was presented was insensitive and stereotypical at best and was mostly outright demeaning. I'm not usually one to play the SJW card but it was pretty gross. The way the comments responded to him certainly didn't help, like...we're hopefully better than that. He was a crude stereotype of drag queens and the fact that he was made one because of a numbers issue doesn't really excuse it.  

Bullet; Orange 18. Billy (18th place) Bullet; Orange 

Were people seriously complaining that he was an early boot? He was literally casted for the one joke with Xerodonus, other than that he was obviously cannon fodder. He also couldn't talk and was kind of annoying.

Bullet; Orange 17. Dustin (2nd place) Bullet; Orange 

Dustin was likable for the first few episodes as a goofy background character, but as soon as he took prominence it became intensely obvious that his role was to be really stupid and lose in the FTC. As soon as the merge hit I called that he would be a FTC loser, it was so obvious. His stupid moves felt really forced, like he was being shoehorned into doing them to add to his goat status. He wasn't really entertaining at that point either because all he was there for was to be dumb. I've really liked other dumb characters in SFC before like Craig or Brenton, but with Dustin it didn't feel natural at all, like he was being dumb for the plot to work. And what do you know, he was casted last minute for the sole purpose of losing in the FTC. It's understandable with the issue of the season needing to be reworked but it was still lame.

Bullet; Orange 16. Taro (Winner) Bullet; Orange 

I think Taro is easily SFC's most boring winner, and a pretty obvious winner to boot. I mean, Barney and Melanie were pretty boring and obvious too, sure, but Melanie was at least snarky with some good lines, and Barney still reacted to the events going around him and actually had a stake in things. Taro's major personality trait was how passive he was. Until the F6, where Shaega started directly going after him/Ky, he had no interest in anything interesting that was occurring. I get that that was the strategy, but it still doesn't make him a good character. If the winner of the season is totally apathetic, I'm going to be apathetic toward the winner.

In addition, his game was really simple and clean by SFC winner standards, and he didn't really have a story. I don't need my winners to be good players but I need them to have interesting stories, Taro was a good player with no journey. In addition the fact that he played a perfect game felt kind of forced. Something should have gone wrong for him at some point, but it never did. I get that's because it was a last minute fix, but

I don't hate Taro or anything; the sushi shack was fun and he had some good puns/lines. I'm just really apathetic toward him, and being apathetic toward a winner is grounds for an orange bullet. Also him poisoning everyone and still getting a hero edit was lame. 

Bullet; Yellow 15. Luna (16th place) Bullet; Yellow 

People really overreacted in their dislike for her. Like...yeah she was boring, but she never had any terrible scenes and she was an early boot so it's not like she was dull for the whole season. There are people just as boring as her in SFC history who got way more screentime and lasted longer. She was harmless and inoffensive. With that said she wasn't good or anything and she WAS dull so this is where she lands.

Bullet; Yellow 14. Freddy (17th place) Bullet; Yellow 

Basically a less likable Robbie who was also an early boot. The way his boot transpired was strange (booting him because nerds often go far seems like something an Eli or Critic would do, not Brandi) and I didn't like it. Other than that his relationship with Marie was cute.

Bullet; Yellow 13. Lea (15th place) Bullet; Yellow 

Her only real role was being a ditto, and...she was a ditto. The reveal could have been fun but it was pretty obvious and everyone had to post about it so that was kind of ruined. With that said she did start some storyarcs and stirred up chaos so good job to her. I hope we get a pokemon in an upcoming season now that it's accepted.

Bullet; Yellow 12. Zach (9th place) Bullet; Yellow 
I'll give him credit; he was more indepth of a character than your usual CP early merge gamebot. He had some interesting backstory, a reserved personality that justified his being closed off, and a somewhat interesting arc with discovering Shaega. Those are all good, but...he still wasn't that interesting. He had the pieces of a interesting character, but at the end of the day he was still pretty generic. Not bad though.

Bullet; Green 11. Tamara (13th place) Bullet; Green 

Fun premerge boot with a lot of good lines and some strategic backbone. I liked her gameplay and her rivalry with Sylvia, and she was a good narrator. With that said she was the least interesting of the Coven so she got kind of overshadowed. I still like her though! I'm glad she was more interesting than the Jocasta clone I was expecting.

Bullet; Green 10. Gekkota (11th place) Bullet; Green 

She had a really good storyline, starting with her giving the fake idol to Xerodonus showing her as a little more pragmatic than her friends, and using Juli as vote, which of course got her mad (<3). After that, her game slowly fell to pieces despite her alliance on her crazy tribe. it got really interesting after the swap where everyone turned on her, but she managed to use her knowledge of the people she was with to get back in a good position and survive to the merge...only to be too affected by the people she was with and become the merge boot after becoming more chaotic. It was a good story all around. With that said I don't think she as a character was that interesting, so I like her mostly for her story. She did the role well enough though.

Bullet; Green 9. Xerodonus (19th place) Bullet; Green 

My favorite very early boot SWSU's ever had probably. He was literally a cartoon supervilain trying to brainwash the tribe, and seeing ham it up was crazy fun. Him trying to turn the tribe into his slaves<3. It's good that he left so early though because he would have gotten tiresome fast.

Bullet; Green 8. Cordelia (10th place) Bullet; Green 

Excellent villain. She had a really unique and interesting strategy of just lying non stop, and she made it work really well for her until it imploded. That strategy also caused some crazy drama/fun, and she herself was an enjoyable and unique character, since usually bitches on SFC like her are the OTTN non-stop screaming type. I will admit that at times she might have been a bit too mean, but it served the role well. She also left at the perfect time for the perfect reason.

Bullet; Green 7. Daisuke (12th place) Bullet; Green 

Oh man, he was funny. His insane paranoia and simple mind combined with his need to be the hero sending both of his tribes down the crapper was gold, and his OTT reactions to everything sold it. He actually had a very nice and heartfelt ending too, and went home at exactly the right time even if it was predictable. Nothing about him was subtle, but SFC's never been known for being subtle and it worked :).

Bullet; Blue 6. Sylvia (4th place) Bullet; Blue 

Sylvia was the main strategic hero/anti-hero of the season and luckily she was really likable. She felt like an actual person, with quirks and goals and getting mad when she's hungry, and she had fun interactions with people so it worked all around. She had a lot of good relationships...Dustin, Shaega,, Leah, Brandi, Tamara...all great. I know some people were complaining that she didn't have anything to do with Leah's or Brandi's eliminations but she did lead the charge against Brandi plus it would be really unrealistic if she had a direct hand in all of them. She did get rid of Tamara so that one worked out well. I felt bad for her fan reaction too; she was really liked in the beginning and then she dared go against the Cult of Ky and then everyone decided she deserved to be poisoned for doing nothing wrong. 'Twas gross. But she was a great character and I really hope we see her again someday because as good as she was here she has even more potential with a different cast.

Bullet; Blue 5. Juli (14th place) Bullet; Blue 

This season had some really good premergers imo, and I think Juli was the best of the lot. I'm surprised she didn't get more attention because everything she did was funny. Her plan to make everyone go insane by talking shit about Gekkota<3.  I loved how bitter she was about everything and how she would frantically run around camp talking shit. Her confessionals were gold, dude! She was so desperate and frantic all the time and it was grand, people who have their back to the wall 24/7<3. I really hope she gets a second chance because she has so much potential on an all-star season and she left too early in this one.

Bullet; Blue 4. Leah (6th place) Bullet; Blue 

Wasn't expecting much from her going in, but I was really surprised by how likable she was, a perfect example of a game-heavy character with tons of personality. Her quick arc with Lea copying her and her ultimately winning was a nice way to start the character, and from Bullet; Purple then on she just made every scene she was better. She had a ton of personality, it just wasn't in your face all the time. Like SWSU said, she could play both the sane rational one and the crazy one, which made her a really dynamic character. She was always really interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. (She wanted to boot Ky! Burn her at the stake!)

Bullet; Purple 3. Marie (8th place) Bullet; Purple 

I always love getting my expectations subverted, especially in a comic where I've been following for a while, and Marie originally won my heart by doing just that. I legitmately thought she was going to be an early boot version of Bonnie at first. so to see the suspicion come up only for her to be proved innocent was great. Even aside from that though, I think she's one of the best purely positive characters SWSU's ever done. She's sweet and kind-hearted, but she has her limits and those limits played out in really fascinating ways. The way Brandi and others treated her was obviously shit, but it put her in really engaging situations and she was a stronger character because of it. She's a woobie character who actually comes off as sympathetic and endearing, which is very hard to pull off. Her ending was fitting I suppose, but it did feel abrupt. Still, great, great character, definitely in my top 20/25. 

Bullet; Purple 2. Brandi (7th place) Bullet; Purple 

Tough choice between her and Shaega for the #1 spot, but I had to go with my gut. Anyway Brandi is the most complex villain SFC's ever had. She was such a rich, complex character with a ton of layers. The center of it all was her conflict between believing herself to be a just, noble person and also playing a very cutthroat game. This conflict manifested itself constantly throughout the season, with her always attempting to justify her blindsides as for the good of the tribe as well as acting very self-righteous to everyone around her. She would blindside people and get mad at someone for arguing with her about it, and add that to her clearly being very driven and charismatic and you have someone that usually got their way on these things, which lead to really good conflict and drama. Another piece of Brandi was her desire to root out truth supplied with hightened paranioa and false evidence, which led to her crusades against innocent people like Marie (she WAS right with Shaega though, got to give her credit for that.) I get why people would hate those things, but it created a seriously complex, layered, and well-written character that managed to be negative, struggling through conflicts, go through character development, and make the game dynamic and interesting. 

Bullet; Purple 1. Shaega (3rd place) Bullet; Purple 

He was so great. Even in the premerge, when his whole shtick was being boring and emotionless, he was amusing and likable. His dry reactions to everything made me chuckle. But when hints started to form that he was gaining more than that, the character became intriguing and interesting, and the build up kept building up until the merge hit and everything exploded. Paranioa Shaega was ridiculous and massively entertaining while still managing to be complex and a threat. He was just randomly trying out everything and was so full of life while also being a massive asshole. Some of my favorite moments are when Paranioa was scared of Zach<3. After he revealed himself the F6 TC was great and from then on he was the only person willing to stand up to my least favorites while also being a lol force. His final words are probably the greatest in SFC history too, really puts his whole character to justice. I also liked the semi-competence he had; he was random and didn't play a smooth game at all, but you could tell that he had good instincs and some of his plans made a lot of sense.He was grand.


Bullet; Purple Ellise Bullet; Purple  
Bullet; Purple Montana Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple Cherman Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple Liz Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple Marius Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue Jim Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Green Ker Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green Angel Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Yellow Barney Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Yellow Skylar Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Orange Taro Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Orange Melanie Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Orange Bitsy Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Red Lola Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red Jackie Bullet; Red 


Bullet; Purple SFC3 Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple SFC14 Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple SFC13 Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue SFC9 Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue SFC7 Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Green SFC11 Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green SFC2 Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green SFC15 Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green SFC5 Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Yellow SFC4 Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Yellow SFC1 Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Orange SFC12 Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Orange SFC6 Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Red SFC8 Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red SFC10 Bullet; Red 


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cRaZyMaN9219 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
I mean i personally enjoyed Ky, but I'm not in the he's the greatest character ever crowd.

I dunno I guess i just enjoyed him since he was harmlessly fun.

Anyway Taro has only gotten less interesting as i re-read the comics.

regardless I still enjoyed the season. I really cannot stand Brandi though.
MaxtheMysteriousUser Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
this season was lowkey shit tbh

ky is a bottom 5 sfc character
DrMonkeyman Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
I pretty much agree with all this except I liked Freddy and would have him higher.
Patworx Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
Good to see you back!

And yeah, this was a good season. Not the best, but still good.
Slicer36 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
Agreed, I'm really excited for 16
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